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Now there's a fiber optic line exclusively dedicated to you—a fast-as-light connection that serves you and your home or business, not a cable that's shared by you and your whole neighborhood. Introducing the 100% fiber-based network from United Communications, your dedicated connection.

Our recently upgraded fiber optic broadband network delivers the fastest high-speed internet service available, stunning digital HDTV and crystal-clear fiber phone services to customers throughout Middle Tennessee. In certain service areas, customers will enjoy internet speeds of up to 100 mbps. Plus, your dedicated fiber-based connection ensures your internet will provide consistent, blazing upload and download speed throughout the day. So, you'll never have to suffer through those slowdowns you get when you and your neighbors are all using the internet at the same time. And, perhaps even more important than amazing internet speed, your dedicated connection also provides added internet security for you and your family.

We're even dedicated to you in another way: customer service. Our customer service team and technicians treat our customers like neighbors, because they really are. Our team members live in the communities we serve, maybe even right next door to you. And, as trained fiber experts, they all know the ins-and outs of our fiber optic network, as well as how to help you get the most out of your high-speed internet, digital HDTV and fiber phone service.

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