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Residential Installation

It is easy to upgrade to United Communications' fiber network with a dedicated connection.

Here's what to expect:

We're excited to bring to you our upgraded fiber network with a dedicated connection! We want you to have the best experience possible with our services and installation. Here's what you can expect:

Your appointment

During your call to United's Customer Service, you will be given the next available installation date. Our goal is to find a convenient time for you and get your services set up as soon as possible. Please note that fiber installs require a minimum of two weeks lead time in to run the fiber lines and mount the network equipment on the side of you home.  

Need to change your appointment?

Call Customer Service at 1-800-779-2227 and select option 2 to make any changes to your appointment or initial order.

Installing United's fiber network at your home

Step 1: Outside your home

  • Before your scheduled in-home installation date, you may see a United Communications’ technician working outside your home. You will not need to be home for this portion of our work.  At the time of this first visit, we will let you know we are working and alert you if we need to interrupt your existing services to complete our work.  Please let us know if you have pets, a fence, gate, or irrigation system so we can discuss the best time to complete Step 1 of our installation.
  •       Depending on your service subscription level, we may mount a small Network Interface Device (NID) on the side of your home near your existing electric meter. The NID requires a backup battery in order to operate in the instance of an electrical outage.  We will attempt to use the closest available power outlet on the outside of your home.  If there is no electrical outlet readily accessible, we will need to determine an indoor location for the backup battery supply.

 Step 2: Inside your home

  •  An adult (18 years or older) must be present at the time of your scheduled installation. We strongly recommend the homeowner, account holder, or an authorized account user is present to discuss wiring and/or equipment placement. 
  • During the 2-4 hour in-home installation, we will complete necessary wiring, ensure your existing jacks and wiring will support your new services, and test your service for quality assurance.
  • United technicians are not permitted to move furniture to access jacks, outlets, or electronic equipment.  Please ensure you move any furniture or blocked paths to equipment prior to installation.     
  • All service equipment (computers, TVs) must be powered and in place prior to our technician arriving on site to install your service.  Any requests to move or relocate services after the initial installation will result in additional service fees.  
  • Free standard installation includes up to 4 TV set top boxes (STB).  Each additional STB will cost $75.00 per location.  Any requests for additional STBs at the time of install may require an additional service appointment and associated service fee(s). 
  • The age of your devices or TVs may affect the quality of your services.  Older computer models may not be able to handle advanced Internet speeds. Please be sure you check your personal devices and equipment prior to your installation.
  • We provide a wireless router to help you enjoy your laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices.  Internet speeds may vary.  Wireless speeds cannot be guaranteed due to a variety of factors such as customer location, quality of the inside wiring in the home, websites accessed, usage of the network during peak periods, and customer equipment within the home or premise.  Average throughput will range from 80% to 105% of the advertised speed of service purchased 90% of the time. This information is outlined in our Open Internet Transparency Policy available on our website.

o    We recommend customers subscribing to speeds above 100mbps invest in a dual-band gigabit capable wireless AC router in order to optimize your wireless experience.  

Things to keep in mind

  • Set aside up to four hours for the installation inside your home, depending on the number of set-top-boxes to be provisioned. Where necessary we will upgrade wiring or make repairs to existing wiring to improve the quality. All of these factors will determine the overall length of the installation.
  • An adult (18 years or older) must be present at the time of installation.
  • Please have each TV set in place and powered at the permanent service location in each room.
  • If you have an older computer, your High-Speed Internet experience may vary slightly from what a newer model offers. The same is true with television equipment and your HDTV experience.
  • We will install a wireless router to help you enjoy your laptop computer, tablets, smartphones and other electronics with the freedom to use throughout your house.

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