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general FAQ

Please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions below:


  1. Can I set up my account on autopay?
    There are two ways to setup your account on autopay. 1) Fill out the back of your payment stub and return it to our office with a voided check. Or 2) Enroll in online bill-pay using your latest invoice to set up reoccuring payments.

Billing Date

  1. May I change the date my bill is due?
    Billing dates are determined by your designated service area. We do not allow bill due dates to be changed.


  1. Do I have to sign a contract?
    United does not require any contracts. We want to win your business by providing a superior customer experience and quality products at an affordable price.

Credit Card Information

  1. How do I update my credit card information if it has changed or expired?
    You will need to turn off autopay to remove the card first. Once you have removed the card, you will need to click setup automatic payments.


  1. How long will my deposit stay on my account?
    If a deposit is required, refund will be issued after 9 consecutive months of good standing. If you receive a past due notice on your bill within the first 9 months, the 9 month period will re-start.

Payment Methods

  1. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, check, money orders, cashiers checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We also accept payments over the phone using Visa, Mastercard, and Discover without a fee.

Service - Telephone

  1. Does United require me to have a phone line in order to have other services like Internet and TV?
    Based on the low density market that United Communications serves, we are considered a high cost local exchange carrier. As such United Communications receives Universal Service Funding (USF) to help offset the high cost of providing basic telephone service in a rural market. These Universal Service Funds allow us to offer state-of-the-art telecommunications services to our customers while keeping the price of service at competitive rates. The current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules governing the Universal Service Fund require that a customer receive basic telephone service in order to receive these funds. While a telephone line is not legally required, the cost of providing high-speed Internet or TV services without the a voice line and the associated USF is cost prohibitive at this time. The FCC is currently exploring expanding the Universal Service Fund to include broadband service, which could change United Communications offerings in the future.
  2. Why do I need a home phone if I have a cell phone?
    Telephone service can be crucial in the case of an emergency, and in many cases, may help you save money on your monthly wireless bill. Even though you might use your cell phone quite often, it is still important to have a home phone or landline for the following reasons: 1) In Case of an Emergency - Calling 911 from your home phone will instantly give the operator your location, not so with a cell. 2) Home Security Alarms - Some home security alarms require a landline to function. 3) Internet Service - Internet connections that use a modem usually need a home phone connection. 4) Uncharged Cell Phone - If you forget to charge your phone, you'll have a backup just in case.